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Erhard Vogel, Ph.D.

Erhard Vogel

Erhard Vogel, Ph.D., founder of The Vogel Institute, is recognized as one of the world’s foremost teachers of meditation and empowered living. Dr. Vogel teaches neither from books nor others’ ideas but from his own profound life experience. He teaches in a way that is easily understood and implemented by anyone, regardless of culture or religious beliefs. Through his depth of knowledge, he is able to inspire and guide people to profound experience of their limitless potential.

Dr. Vogel works with individual and corporate clients. During the last 32 years, Dr. Vogel has taught tens of thousands of students throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. He also teaches among the sages in the Himalayas, where he is recognized as a Master Teacher.

Dr. Vogel has been a featured guest on numerous radio and television programs —in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona and California—on subjects such as Overcoming Depression, Stress Release, September 11, Oklahoma City, and Fulfilling Relationships.

In San Diego he has held two ongoing, weekly media engagements: “Erhard Vogel’s Health Commentary” (KPBS Radio) and “The Expert In Life” (Channel 37).

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