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Optimal Performance Series Classes 5-6
Individual Workshop

Clear, effective communication eliminates misunderstandings and time wasted in negativity.

As an Expert In Life™, you communicate from a position of mutual respect, with clarity and a balance between assertiveness and sensitivity. The expert communicator navigates every situation – personal and professional – appropriately and effectively.

You learn to powerfully and positively affect your communication and connection with others.

In the Optimal Communication System you learn :

Clear Concise Communication
•  Focus to an internal state of clarity: think clearly on your feet
•  Radiate your focus in crystal-clear communication
•  Communicate without hidden or cloudy objectives
•  Make contact with the listener: be interconnected

Empowered Listening
•  Listening as the silent power, a critical part of communication
•  Learn the 5 principles of empowered listening
•  Learn how an “active listener” enhances the communication and builds the relationship
•  Avoid 14 common errors that prevent empowered listening

I really enjoyed the class. While I feel I'm fairly relaxed on the phone, I've learned from Erhard that taking deep breaths, centering, and being more relaxed adds to even greater telephone efficiency and effectiveness.”

-- Logistics Manager,
Windowmaster Corp.

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