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Publications by Dr. Erhard Vogel

Journey Into Your Center
Book by Dr. Erhard Vogel

ISBN #1-892484-05-6

A practical guide to taking charge of your life and liberating yourself on an entirely new level...

The new millennium is upon us. In this pivotal moment of human history, we are faced with the exciting possibility of lasting. positive change and profound healing transformation. Journey Into Your Center: A guide To Flourishing In The New Millennium  is a practical and deep reaching guide to taking charge of your life and liberating yourself on an entirely new level.

While most of us have been trained to become expert in our professions, few of us possess the skills necessary to be expert at leading our lives. This does not have to be the case. What are the innate tools we can utilize to realize our deepest satisfaction in life? What are the means by which we can make permanent, substantive change?  How can we free ourselves from the largely negative historical and societal conditioning in order to live true to our unique, personal potential? How can we flourish together in shared positivity instead of suffering anxiety and dissatisfaction in isolation?

Dispelling fantasy and wishful thinking, Journey Into Your Center addresses these most vital questions. Dr. Erhard Vogel's life teachings provide the practical fundamentals of life and of being. Rather than a mere exposition of ideas, this work is meant to be a catalyst for the most meaningful personal transformation. It was written to be experienced in the reader's core where where the recognition of inner truth takes place. The directness and refreshing honesty of Dr. Vogel's teaching will open your heart and mind to your ability to live by the light of self knowledge and thereby achieve true freedom and peace. This book of wisdom has a place in the heart of anyone seeking a fresh, uncomplicated approach to life and real solutions to our deepest questions.

The Stress Release Response™
Guided Meditation on CD, by Dr. Erhard Vogel

ISBN: 1-892484-04-8

During the past 30 years, Dr. Vogel has taught tens of thousands of students from many parts of the world to effectively reduce stress.

These students include members of such high-stress professions as hospice workers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers and mothers. The Stress Release Response™, which Erhard developed to answer an unmet need, is among the most beneficial means of coping with stress, and yields predictably positive results.

The Stress Release Response is a set of steps by which you can dependably free yourself from stress and its harmful effects—at a moment's notice and at will.

Do you even know when you are in stress?
With stress, your perception narrows or even shuts down. Identifying the symptoms of stress is the first step to overcoming its negative effects. "Where do I most feel stress in my body—neck and shoulders, stomach, chest, loins, anus, calves, my toes?"

Do you have a tendency to hold on to stress, or even cultivate it?
Instead of being a passive victim, or worse, a conspirator of stress, and thus suffer its damaging effects, you can learn to recognize stress and use it as a reminder to be relaxed and focused in the experience of the Being that you are. It is your choice.

The Stress Release Response is a uniquely powerful and effective seven-step process that you can learn to implement at a moment's notice—as soon as you come upon a situation that would otherwise be stressful.

Yoga For Life™
Two-volume audio set of Dr. Erhard Vogel 's beginning to
advanced yoga instruction.

In Yoga For Life postures are taught in conjunction with breathing exercises and a triad of techniques that participants use to create and maintain a state of clarity, balance and ease within themselves. Yoga For Life teaches participants how to use these techniques for maximum benefit in their daily life.


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"This simple, but highly effective technique can free you not only from the negative behaviors and effects that usually come with stress, but also from a tendency to be a victim of circumstances. This will ultimately empower you to become more expert at leading your life to the fulfillment of your potential."

-- Erhard Vogel, from "The Stress Release Response", in Journey Into Your Center













“You don't have to take anyone's word for the benefits of yoga . It doesn't take long before you find your body and mind feeling so much better, more vital, more alert and energetic. Tensions disappear, your movements become more graceful. Yoga exercise stimulates circulation, strengthens the heart and very effectively regulates blood pressure.”

-Erhard Vogel, Ph.D.



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