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Stress Release

Optimal Performance Series Class 4
Individual Workshop

Freed from the hindrance of stress, employees work efficiently and energetically.

It is a common misconception that stress gives us the "edge" we need to succeed. On the contrary, stress causes costly mistakes and procrastination and prevents employees from doing their best work.

Employees who are free of stress and healthy reduce medical costs and absenteeism.

There is now a vast body of research and evidence showing stress to be a principal cause of illness, be it physical, neurological or psychological.

The Stress Release Response™

The Stress Release Response™ is a guided experience by which individuals learn to dependably free themselves from stress and its harmful effects, at a moment's notice and at will. As has been attested to by numerous corporations and individuals, this is a powerful and invaluable tool that really works.

In the Optimal Performance Series, employees learn the Stress Release Response. Some of the benefits are:

•  Staying calm under pressure
•  Maintaining balance even with difficult people and situations
•  Lowering blood pressure
•  Improving relaxation, health and stamina

“I have already seen improvements in what could become stressful situations. I have effectively diffused them by following the steps (to the Stress Release Response). I have also applied these steps to 'anger management' situations and it has helped a lot in that area as well.”

-- Controller,
Windowmaster Products, Inc.

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