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The Corporate Program

What is an Expert In Life?

There is an internal state that guarantees success. It is a state of power combined with balanced poise in self-knowledge. Athletes strive for this in their sport; they call it the “zone”—to be at your best—relaxed, concentrated, free of stress and full of energy. Through the Expert In Life training, you and your employees learn to live in the zone—and so much more. You become fully aligned with your innate strengths, your real self. You function free of hindrances, expertly and at peace with yourself in your work and in your relationships—in all aspects of your life.

Employees living to their potential lead your company to the fulfillment of its potential.

Through the Expert In Life Corporate Program, you learn the key to utilizing your full potential. When all the members of your team are drawing on their full potential and expressing that power through their work, the workplace becomes a dynamic and creative environment. This, in turn, propels your company toward its goals and beyond. Your bottom line is met, and your most valuable asset—your employees—feel valued.

How Expert In Life™ Training Works

The Expert In Life training builds up individuals' strengths and helps them establish a mentality in which they are powerfully focused and can successfully handle stress. They develop an effortless continuity in concentration, and become highly motivated to always be ready and balanced to make use of every opportunity.

Our purpose is to give people everything they need to make real – substantive and permanent – change. Therefore, we always work to establish firmness in the fundamentals. Individuals learn how to live in a way that is goal-oriented, persevering and self-determining, with steady integrity that allows for the experience of being united and at peace.

The Expert In Life Corporate Program is non-religious, and suitable for people of any faith. The program guides you through deep experiences to permanently impress new patterns of behavior upon your mind and all your faculties. Practical techniques, detailed materials and ongoing support make it easy to apply your learning to everyday situations.

The Benefits

Imagine all the members of your corporate team working together cooperatively toward your company's objectives, all individuals operating at peak efficiency and giving their best.

The benefits to your company:

• Improved concentration results in increased efficiency and fewer mistakes.
• Clear, effective communication eliminates misunderstandings and time wasted in negativity.
• Employees who are healthy and free of stress reduce medical costs.
• Low absenteeism results in uninterrupted production.
• Low employee turnover reduces training and recruiting costs.
• Employees enjoy their work, cooperate as a team and are extraordinarily productive.
• Empowered, productive employees satisfy your customers and increase profits.
• Employees living to their potential lead your company to the fulfillment of its potential.

The benefits to your employees:

• Stress reduction
• Concentration
• Expert communication
• Self-empowerment & inner confidence
• Ability to self-motivate and motivate others
• Freedom from procrastination
• Life satisfaction, personal and professional

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